The Adventurer

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Enamel mug 8dl Campers

Sales unit 4 pc

Outdoor living with the Moomins! Moomin family loves to go on picnics, camping and on adventures in the forests and mountains surrounding the Moominvalley. This 8dl enamel mug is a great companion for the real life adventures. In additon to using it as a jumbo size mug, you can also use it for example for […]

Enamel mug The Adventurer 3,7dl

Sales unit 6 pc

The enamel mug is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Muurla’s enamelware consists of a carbon steel core that carries a double-coating of enamel. The products are durable and light. Due to these traits the items can also be used outdoors, in addition to traditional settings.

The Adventurer 17x44cm

Sales unit 4 pc

The Moomin Chop & Serve collection is designed for preparation and serving – both on the same board. Use it for chopping and then simply flip the board for serving. The boards of the Chop & Serve collection come with two different designs on each side of the board.

Tote bag The Adventurer 40x40cm

Sales unit 6 pc

Felt like material. Made out of recycled plastic (r-PET).