Hattifattener plant marker 4pcs

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Hattifatteners are mysterious little creatures from the Moomin stories. They grow from little white seeds – but only if the seeds are planted on Midsummer’s Eve.

Muurla has created a collection of greenery and gardening accessories with a Hattifattener theme. The Hattifattener plant markers are small helpers of the herb pots and vegetable gardens. Who can tell what all the different herbs look like? Or what seeds did one plant? Write it down on the Hattifattern marker. If a pencil is used, you can easily later rub off the writing with an eraser. If a more permanent result is needed, use a marker. Notice that permanent marker cannot be removed.

Made of powder coated, galvanized steel. 4pcs in a set.

Keep an eye – Hattifatterners are known to be restless wanderers whose only motivation in life is to keep moving towards the horizon…


4 x 16 cm