Hattifattener rain gauge

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Delivery time: 7 weeks

Hattifatteners are mysterious little creatures from the Moomin stories. They grow from little white seeds – but only if the seeds are planted on Midsummer’s Eve. Muurla has created a collection of greenery and gardening accessories with a Hattifattener theme.

The Hattifattener rain gauge is a fun decoration with a function to a yard or garden. It measures the rain in millimetres. For an accurate result, place your Hattifattener rain gauge upright to an open place where there are no trees or other obstacles right above the gauge. Don’t leave the gauge outside during minus temperatures, as the glass Hattifattener may brake if the water inside freezes. Made of borosilicate glass and powder coated wire iron.

Keep an eye – Hattifatterners are known to be restless wanderers whose only motivation in life is to keep moving towards the horizon…


10,5 x 60 cm