Hattifattener watering bulb

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Hattifatteners are mysterious little creatures from the Moomin stories. They grow from little white seeds – but only if the seeds are planted on Midsummer’s Eve. Muurla has created a collection of greenery and gardening accessories with a Hattifattener theme.

The Hattifattener watering bulb keeps house plants watered for several days. Add water to the bulb, make a small whole in the soil and carefully push the bulb into the soil. Big and thirsty plants may require more than one Hattifatteners. This watering bulb is not only a handy household tool – it’s also a beautifully designed and made glass object and a fun decoration piece. Made of durable borosilicate glass.

Keep an eye – Hattifatterners are known to be restless wanderers whose only motivation in life is to keep moving towards the horizon…


30 cm / 2 dl

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